Pupil Premium 2016-2017

There are currently 9 children attracting Pupil Premium funding.  We continue to support children no longer eligible in order that they may achieve appropriate progress.

Income to the budget for the whole financial year currently stands at: £34,740 (July 2017).

The ‘ex’ pupil premium children are called ‘ever six’ and enables school to manage the funding of provision for children who arrive during the school year who attract future funding.

We currently have 9 FSM (Free School Meal) children (non-universal free school meals) and 0 CIC (Children in Care).

Eligible children are assessed by class teachers to identify any barriers to learning or to support working at a higher level.  Plans are put into place and monitored, as for all children, six times a year.  Progress is reported regularly to the governing body by the headteacher.

The impact of Pupil Premium support is measured against National Curriculum expectations and internal assessment, together with standardised testing.

Pupil Premium Strategy is under constant review depending on the identified needs of the children.

Internal assessment and tracking gives an indication of the impact of pupil premium support and gives a comparison with all pupil progress.

The following percentage figures show direct support for Pupil Premium Children:                                                                                          

0.2 TA time to make TA provision in Yr. 1 full time:                         12%

TA for 1:1 support beyond typical hours for reading boost                6%

Teachers salary for booster groups                                                       34%

Small group tuition beyond school day                                                 9%

Specific Pupil Premium teaching resources                                       14%

                                                                                    Total                       75%

The 25% remaining allocation is used as a proportion of TA salaries who work with Pupil Premium children during group work in school time.

Current Pupil Tracking shows that all Pupil Premium children are making good progress, and are on track to achieve ‘Expected Standards’ in end of Key Stage results (Summer 2016) in Reading, Writing  and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling with all but one, who is receiving additional support, in Mathematics.

Further information is available from the School Leadership Team.

Financial figures are updated as they become available.

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