School Uniform

The Governors expect all children to wear school uniform, and there is a detailed list below.

The Governors appreciate that the costs of uniform can be high and to help parents, The ‘Friends’ run a second-hand school uniform shop. The ‘Friends’ publish opening times in their newsletters. It is well-stocked, with a good turnover.

Uniform Details

Uniform is available from:

Please contact school for names of local suppliers.

Many local supermarkets in the area carry our uniform too.

We also recommend our ‘secondhand uniform shop’!

Girls – Winter
Item of ClothingColour
Top CoatNavy blue, Maroon or Black
Blazer (optional)Maroon
Jersey or CardiganMaroon
Tunic or skirtMaroon
Shoes SensibleBlack or Brown
TieMaroon and Gold stripe
Tights / SocksBeige – plain ribbed


Girls – Summer
Item of ClothingColour
DressCherry and White Candy Stripe

GAMES and P.E. KIT – Please click link below:

Whole School P.E.Kit


Item of ClothingColour
Winter Top CoatNavy blue, Maroon or Black
Blazer (optional)Maroon
Jersey or CardiganMaroon
Trousers (Long or Short)Grey
TieMaroon and Gold stripe
Shoes SensibleBlack

Games and P.E. Kit

Please click link below:

Whole School P.E. Kit

 All children should have a shoe-bag and overall*/apron.

*Overall can be an old long sleeved shirt which can easily be pulled over normal clothes to prevent staining when doing craft work.

Although not an essential part of the designated School Uniform, tee shirts and sweatshirts with the school logo can be purchased. Details available from the school office.


If worn to school children must change and leave them in the cloakrooms. They must be clearly marked with your child’s name and please will you provide a clothes-peg so that they do not get separated.

Balaclavas/woolly hats

These can be worn in the playground in exceptionally cold weather and should be either navy or maroon and – in the case of woolly hats – of a sensible design.


If a child has pierced ears, we allow only one stud in each ear. For safety reasons only studs are permitted. Studs must be removed for Physical Education lessons to eliminate the possibility of any sharp adornment causing injury to your child or another child.

If, on medical grounds you insist on your child not removing all items of jewellery, then we will require each item to be taped. There is a form, obtained from the school office, which you will be required to sign accepting liability in the event of an accident caused by the wearing of jewellery.

Beyond the above statements, it is the Governors’ policy that no jewellery of any sort should be worn.

Hair bands/Ribbons

It would be appreciated if these could be made of dark colours, maroon/navy blue/black. Hair braids/beads may not be worn.


More appropriate to be worn by children in Key Stage 2 – watches must bear the name of the owner.

Naming of Clothes and Personal Property

All items should be clearly named – children are experts at mislaying things and we consider it part of their education to learn to look after their belongings.

The Governors do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property of pupils. Marking of clothes and other property with the owner’s name is therefore of the greatest importance and parents are therefore requested to ensure that all property brought to school is marked.