Useful Names and Addresses:

Diocesan Director of Education

Mr. Q. Roper
Diocesan House
Lady Wootton’s Green
Kent CT1 1TL
Tel: 01227 459401

Governing Body

Chairman: Mr. R. Farr (Parent, Non-Foundation)

Should you wish to e-mail the Chairman of Governors, please do so via the school secretary:

Vice Chairman: Miss M. Somers-James (Diocesan Board Foundation)


The Rev. P. Adams (Ex-Officio)
Mr. P. Couch (Diocesan Board of Education)
Mr. C. Crook (Diocesan Board of Education)
Miss M. Somers-James (Diocesan Board of Education)
Mr. R. Thomas (Diocesan Board of Education)
Mr. S. Thompson (Diocesan Board of Education)
Mrs. A Tyler (Parent, Non-Foundation)
Vacancy (Staff)
Vacancy (Parent, Diocesan Board of Education)
To be appointed (Head Teacher)

Clerk to the Governors

To be appointed.