The school policy, updated in line with the September 2014 new Code of Practice is available by using the ‘Policy’ tab on the school website

At Ramsgate Holy Trinity the Governors and staff agree the following-:

We will maintain a high standard of achievement in every subject for all children. This is achieved in a structured teaching environment. Every child is encouraged to develop his/her own potential and special gifts. All children are valued and we aim to meet the needs of all.

We will aim to make effective use of the pupil premium grant in order that all pupils, including the most severely disadvantaged and the highly gifted, are regarded as unique individuals and receive both challenge and support designed to meet their needs.


We aim as stated in the SEN Policy to cater for the needs of all pupils within our school whatever the social disadvantage. At Holy Trinity we strive to meet the academic, social and pastoral need of all pupils and recognise that ‘Every Child Matters’.

We acknowledge the need to narrow the gap between FSM pupils in the school and non FSM nationally. We therefore recognise the need to evaluate the use and impact of the pupil premium grant.

We know that not all FSM children are at risk of underachieving and we will therefore use pupil premium money to provide academic social and/ or cultural enrichment.

At Holy Trinity it is recognised that not all socially disadvantaged children are registered for FSM and therefore reserve the right to allocate pupil funding to any pupil / pupils that the school considers socially disadvantaged.

Parents as stakeholders will be kept informed of any support/ enhancement of provision to be offered.


Governing Body

The Governing Body will approve the overall strategy for the use of pupil premium by the HT and presented in the SIP.

The Governing Body will hold to account SLT and middle leaders for implementing all this strategy and to evaluate its impact on the achievement of targeted pupils.

The Chair of Finance is the Governor designated to ensure that the pupil premium grant is used to support eligible pupils in the context of this policy.

The Chair of the Curriculum Committee is the Governor designated to evaluate the impact of increased support on the achievement of targeted pupils.

Headteacher and SLT

At Ramsgate Holy Trinity the head teacher retains overall responsibility for leading the pupil premium strategy.

The SLT regularly look at levels of progress via the tracking tool and produce any targets needed for reducing the gap between pupil premium children and their peers.

The Head teacher gives information concerning pupil premium children to Governors.

The SLT evaluate the support programme for these children.

Subject Leaders

Subject leaders are responsible for the monitoring of their subject.

All Staff

All staff are expected to have an in-depth knowledge of their children, especially pupils with disabilities and special needs and those who qualify for additional funding through the pupil premium grant.

Class and subject teachers are responsible for the progress of all pupils.

All staff gives pupils clear feedback that helps them to improve their work.


As a school we will evaluate the support that is given to FSM and other socially disadvantaged children. We will account for the funding and will maintain effective strategies for narrowing the gap between the FSM pupils and their peers.

We will ensure that staff receives CPD as and when necessary to enhance skills and expertise.

We understand the need to be accountable and will publish spending on line.

We will ensure that interventions cover both educational and non-educational issues when narrowing the gap.

At Holy Trinity we constantly look at provision to make sure that it is effective.